1. The City of Tegernsee – in collaboration with the German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein), Bavarian Public Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and Tegernsee Valley Tourism (Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH) – presents the

    18th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival

    from 13 to 17 October 2021.

  2. Entries to the competition can be submitted in the following three categories, whose content criteria are as follows:

    2.1. Mountain Experience – Alpinism, Mountain Sports, Adventure
    (feature films, documentaries, features, short films, reportages, portraits, educational films)
    Central to these films is a sportive encounter with the mountains –the depiction of achievements and personalities from the various disciplines of mountain sports.

    2.2. Mountain Nature – Landscape and Environment
    (feature films, documentaries, features, short films, reportages, portraits, educational films)
    Welcome are all submissions concerning themselves with naturalm mountain environments – their unique landscapes as well as environmental preservation, protection and sustainable development.

    2.3. Mountain Life – Culture and Science
    (feature films, documentaries, features, short films, reportages, portraits, educational films)
    Films in this category approach encounters between people and mountains from an ethnological and cultural angle; they emphasize the valence of the mountains as a symbol and reveal people, history, society and environment in their special relationship to them.

    productions completed before 2017 will not be accepted into the competition.

  3. To be accepted into the competition, films must be submitted in one of the following formats:
    Preferred file formats: AVCHD – specifications 280×720; 1440×1080 or 1920×1080 / mp4 / .mov (H.264)

    All files must have been created in a Microsoft Windows-compatible data format (NTFS, exFAT)!
    Accepted data carriers for pre-selection and festival screening are: data DVD – Blu Ray – USB stick – external hard drive (HDD/Windows data format) – SD cards.
    It is the submitter’s responsibility to produce a valid version of their film for festival screening.
    If a film is to be submitted via download, this needs to be registered with the festival office in advance.

  4. Submitted data carriers must only contain the video registered for the competition. Only flawless copies of a high technical standard are accepted for competition. Entries must contain a complete original version, must not display promotional identifiers or trademarks (e.g. of broadcasting stations or sponsors), and must include a lead text and credits.
  5. The selection committee’s decision regarding admission of a film to the competition is final.
  6. The Festival Director and his team determine the selection criteria and screening sequence for films running in the festival.
  7.  An international jury evaluates the films admitted for competition and may award the following prizes:

    7.1. Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee (€ 3,000) for the best film across the three categories 2.1. – 2.3.

    7.2. Prize by the German Alpine Club (€ 1,000) for the best film in the category Mountain Experience – Alpinism, Mountain Sports, Adventure

    7.3. Respective First Prizes (€ 1,000 each) in the categories Mountain Nature and Mountain Life awarded by TEG

    7.4. Otto-Guggenbichler-Prize (€ 1,000) for the best entry by a Junior Film Maker. By the end of the film’s production period, the author/director must not be older than 32 years.

    7.5. Special Prizes awarded by the Rotary Club Tegernsee:Award for the most outstanding camera work  (€ 1,000) and Award for the Exceptional Film (€ 1,000)

    A prize will only be awarded if at least three films were submitted to its respective category.
    At its own discretion, the jury reserves the option of refraining from awarding a certain prize and of dividing a prize between two nominees.
    The jury may also honourably mention submissions of special value.

  8. Audience Voting

    8.1. The Bayern2-Audience Prize (€ 1,000) goes to the film voted most liked by the audience.

    8.2. Seeing that voting occurs during school class screenings, the festival awards the Mountain Film Festival Mini Prize (€ 500, awarded by Monte Mare) to the best children’s or young adult film.

  9. Non-German-language entries are welcome and may be submitted in the original language, but if possible, with German subtitles. All such films must be submitted with a German and English script (preferred with time codes) to enable the production of German subtitles. In this case, a clean feed copy must be available on request.
  10. All entries must include: a brief introductory text, a plot summary, a short biography and filmography for the director (as well as an indication of their age, if the film is to be considered for the junior film maker category!) and image files for free-of-charge use in the festival programme, in other festival publications and by the press covering festival activities. Publication of these images is at the discretion of the festival organizers. All texts submitted with an entry must be in German or English.
  11. All participants are kindly asked to agree to the production of a digital copy of their film on behalf of the German Alpine Club’s Film Archive. Viewing of these films will be restricted to the Alpine Club’s Library.
  12. All participants in the festival competition consent to free-of-charge broadcasting of one or several excerpts from their film (no more than 5 minutes in total) on German television and on the homepage and social media sites of the Festival and its affiliated organisations to facilitate current reporting on festival activities.
    Should the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival be interested in screening a film at another event, independently from the festival week, separate licensing agreements will be made with the submitter.
  13. The organizers guarantee the greatest possible care when handling entries to the festival. However, they assume no liability for damage to films either during shipment or in Tegernsee.
  14. The submitter of a film guarantees that all submitted image and sound material is his/her property or that he/she owns the rights to use this material. German copyright and data protection regulations apply.
  15. The festival will cover two days’ expenses (accommodation and breakfast) for one representative of every film running in the festival.
    Attendees are expected to cover their own travel expenses
  16. To apply for entry into the competition please use the enclosed form or do so online at www.bergfilm-tegernsee.de. Submission of an entry entails acceptance of all regulations included in this call for entries.
    In the event of disagreement arising from the conditions here stated, the German version and German law shall be applicable.
  17. Unless an entrant has received a written deadline extension from the festival organizers, all entries must reach the festival committee by

    31 May 2021.

    Once submitted, films cannot be withdrawn from screening during the festival.

  18. Films or data media can be brought to Tegernsee personally or should be sent to the following address:

    Internationales Bergfilm-Festival Tegernsee
    c/o Stadt Tegernsee
    Rathausplatz 1
    83684 Tegernsee

  19. In case of dispatch via mail or courier, the organising committee would like to be informed in advance


    The entrant assumes the postage fees for shipping.
    The festival covers the return postage.

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