Press Release                                                                    2021-07-12

18th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, 13 – 17 October 2021

Silver Screen Returns to Tegernsee in Autumn 

Due to restrictions, cultural life largely stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic spikes; by now, activities are slowly resuming. The mountain film genre seems to have survived the enforced hiatus quite well, at least according to organisers of the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival: 240 productions from a stunning total of 38 countries were registered this spring. The pre-selection jury and the team of organisers currently face the challenge of forging an attractive festival programme from the most watchable cinematic peaks.  

Have you ever watched a mountain film from Kazakhstan? Or from Taiwan? How might a film team from Egypt approach the mountain theme? 240 films present 240 different vantage points, stories, approaches. The mountain genre clearly fascinates film makers from around the globe.

“Don’t be fooled by this impressive figure. We had to filter quite strongly, because in a surprisingly large number of films the mountains did not play a leading part,” Tegernsee Festival Director Michael Pause regrets to say. “Still, we are able to assemble an exciting and diverse programme. We will present great and even some outstanding films in all categories!”

The selection will cover the entire modern mountain film spectrum: Gripping documentaries about alpine peak performances and exciting reportages will equally entice audiences as moving portraits by and about mountain people.
Naturally, the subject of the pandemic will also play a role on the Tegernsee silver screen. “In my opinion, a film festival should always create a stage for extraordinary films which introduce viewers to new perspectives and broaden their horizons,” Michael Pause points out.

This in turn makes the current year a particularly interesting one for witnessing the unusual routes film makers from all over the world chose during the lockdown. Michael Pause refuses to reveal too much: “I can only tell you this: You may expect surprises, you may expect suspense and veritable big screen thrills!”

Please note: The festival programme will be available from September onward in online and print format. For now, it seems that the festival can take place as “in-person” event, as a physical meet-up for passionate mountain (film) fans with protagonists and film makers. For up-to-date news on the finalised October format, please refer to

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