Press Release Cancellation                                                   02/2020-05-06

Mountain Film Tegernsee, 18th International Festival from 14 – 18 October 2020

 No Mountain Film Festival in Tegernsee

 The 18th International Mountain Film Festival planned for mid-October in Tegernsee will not take place. Its hosts consider the risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic too great to be able to safeguard the health of the 7,000 expected visitors.

 Just like in previous years, preparations for the 18th Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival had begun as early as January. Four weeks prior to the submission deadline, more than 50 films had already been sent into the festival office for competition. At the same time, the team of organisers around Mayor Johannes Hagn and Festival Director Michael Pause kept a concerned eye on the pandemic’s development. “A high carat programme and a great festival atmosphere are every bit as important to us as the safety and health of our visitors. And that is why, with a heavy heart, we have decided to cancel this year’s festival,” stated Hagn.

Although the restrictions put in place by political and administrative authorities in Germany helped to prevent a worst-case scenario, many experts caution against a premature return to “pre-corona normality”. They furthermore estimate that the coronavirus will keep impacting our everyday lives and lifestyle fundamentally for some time to come. Against this backdrop, the festival confirms its cancellation at this point in time.

“Properly or not at all!” was Prime Minister Markus Söder’s motto when two weeks ago, he cancelled Oktoberfest, Munich’s famous beer festival. The Tegernsee organisers take the same stance, even though the Mountain Film Festival operates on a much smaller scale. The Tegernsee Valley commands grander mountain views than the Oktoberfest fair grounds, yet one as much as the other grants a way of life and the kind of festive joy which people will unfortunately have to forsake this year.

International Mountain Film Festival Tegernsee
Rathausplatz 1, D-83684 Tegernsee, Germany