17th International Mountain Film Festival Tegernsee  –  Winning Films 2019

Great Prize by the City of Tegernsee (€ 3,000)
“This Mountain Life” by Grant Baldwin (Canada)

Prize by the German Alpine Club for the Best Alpine Film in the Category of “Mountain Experience” (€ 1,000)
“The Pathan Project” by Guillaume Broust (Belgium)

Bergzeit Prize for the Best Film in the Category “Mountain Nature” (€ 1,000)
“Iceberg Nations” by Fernando Martín Borlán (Spain)

Best Film in the Category “Mountain Life” (€ 1,000) awarded by the Tegernseer Erdgas-Versorgungsges. (€ 1.000)
“Spirit” by Jane Dyson, Ross Harrison (Australia)

Otto Guggenbichler Prize for a Junior Filmmaker (€ 1,000)
“Höhenmeter” (Altitude) by Julian and Dominik Weigand (Germany)

Best Camera Work (sponsored by Rotary Club Tegernsee)
“Bayandalai – Lord of the Taiga” by Aner Etxebarria Moral, Pablo Vidal Santos (Spain)

Prize for the Special Film (sponsored by Rotary Club Tegernsee)
“Riafn” (Calling) by Hannes Lang (Germany)

Honourable Mentions by the Jury (non-cash prizes)
“Ani, le monache di Yaqen gar” (The Nuns of Yaqen gar) by Eloïse Barbieri (Italy)
“Marcher pour Genna” (A Christmas Pilgrimage) by Frédéric Furnelle, Olivier Burget (Belgium)

Bayern 2 – Audience Prize (€ 1.000,-)
„The Ascent of Everest” by Antonello Padovano (Great Britain)

Small Festival Prize, Audience Prize for the best Children’s and Young Adult Film
(€ 500) sponsored by monte mare Betriebsges.m.b.H.
„Auf höchstem Niveau – Lebensretter am Berg” (At the Highest Level – The Lifesavers) by Birgit Wuthe (Germany)