05_Press Release_IAMF                                                                     10/2019

International Resource Sharing at Lake Tegernsee 

The International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) forges together renowned mountain film festivals with the joint goal of supporting, promoting and sustaining the mountain film genre. Tegernsee’s Mayor Johannes Hagn and Festival Director Michael Pause are delighted to welcome representatives of the world’s most important mountain film festivals at Lake Tegernsee.

For the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival admittance into the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) in 2006 was a big step. On one hand it meant confirmation that the event now truly ranges among established mountain film festivals, on the other it facilitated many contacts and new opportunities for an intensive exchange of experiences and for constructive cooperation.

The IAMF was founded in 2000 by nine festival representatives. By now, the alliance has grown to include 27 members: the world’s 26 most relevant mountain film festivals as well as Turin’s Museo della Montagna. 20 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America and New Zealand are part of the alliance. Now, they will send their representatives to one of their two annual meetings at Lake Tegernsee. 

Stated purpose of the Alliance on one hand is to make mountain film festivals around the globe as popular as possible with their audiences, but also with film makers. On the other hand, the IAMF sees itself as an information platform for festival hosts, so as to exchange experiences and know-how in terms of technology, advertising measures, programme design and possibilities for funding.

In recent years, the IAMF has been receiving more and more applications for membership. Therefore, intensive discussions are currently underway regarding conditions for membership. IAMF members wish to set themselves apart from purely commercial events, where a mountain film programme merely serves as sideshow to a great “fun fair”. As with any international organisation, consensus must be found time and again between large, well-funded festivals and smaller events.

Consensus exists regarding the fact that mountain film must be central to all IAMG festivals and that they must run a full-blown competition. Many young film makers may be able to show their productions online, but a screening at an IAMF festival definitely adds prestige.

More information is available in the new edition of German language magazine “Bergsteiger” (Edition 10/2019), in the report “…und Action” by Petra Rapp