02_Press Release_Premieres                                                               10/2019

Four World Premieres at Tegernsee

A total of four world premiere screenings with interesting guests are part of the Tegernsee programme in October: Main protagonists are the mountain, a charming ski instructor who never sees summer, a Bavarian student on the Nile and Reinhold Messner as investigator.

Endless winter
It was a marvellous serendipity which turned Toni Sponar into a ski instructor. In 1958 the native Austrian emigrated to North America. Since then, he has fulfilled his dream of endless winter. For more than 50 years he has been experiencing two ski seasons per year: one in Colorado, and when summer arrives there, he packs his skis and travels into the winter of Chile. In a high valley in the Andes he operates his own ski resort for freeriders, Arpa. “Endless Winter” is the moving portrait of a person who is happy in every possible way!
World premiere on 16 October, 8 pm, Barocksaal; repeat 18 October, 5.30 pm, Schalthaus

What the mountain has to say: world premiere at Bayern-2-Night
Film maker Puria Ravahi already deeply impressed the Tegernsee audience in 2017 with his documentary “Last Exit”. Back then, the jury awarded him the German Alpine Club Prize for the Best Alpine Film. The 2019 Mountain Film Festival introduces a novel Bayern-2-Night, related to Bavarian Public Television Channel Bayern 2. On this night, the Rosenheim-born film maker presents his latest production: “Wenn der Berg spricht” (When the Mountain Speaks) is another extraordinary short film experiment, set at a mountain farm in the Spitzing area, not far from Lake Tegernsee. There, dairymaid Martina is surrounded by mountains possessed not only with a consciousness, but also with a voice. Versed in poetic language, they have a few things to tell to people … The evening is hosted by Dr. Georg Bayerle; also on show are three further extraordinary films: one about a Swiss man who dedicates himself to the martial art of Shaolin, one about female mountain guides in Switzerland and one about icebergs that could be continents.
Bayern-2-Night with world premieres on 17 October, 8 pm, Ludwig-Thoma-Saal; repeat 19 October, 8 pm, Schalthaus

With Reinhold Messner on Cerro Torre
Reinhold Messner visits the Tegernsee Festival for the first time, bringing along his latest film: His documentary “Mythos Cerro Torre” (The Myth of Cerro Torre) engages with the controversial first ascent of Patagonia’s dream mountain by Cesare Maestri. 60 years later, Reinhold Messner puts together the puzzle pieces discovered by Cerro Torre experts and which defy Maestri’s claim. In 2017 Reinhold Messner received the Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee for “Still Alive – Drama at Mount Kenya”.
World premiere of “Mythos Cerro Torre – Reinhold Messner auf Spurensuche” (The Myth of Cerro Torre – Reinhold Messner Investigates”) takes place on 19 October, 5 pm, at Ludwig-Thoma-Saal.

Death on the Nile
In 1980 Bavarian student Franz Heigermoser sets out to become the first person to travel the Nile from its fountainhead to its estuary by kayak. 3,540 miles lie behind him when after nine months he reaches Luxor. Then, however, he disappears. Film maker Bernhard Aicher searched for traces of the missing adventurer and for the first time presents his cinematic investigation “Tod auf dem Nil” (Death on the Nile) at the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival.
World premiere takes place on 16 October, 8 pm at Quirinal.