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Mountain Film Tegernsee, 17th International Festival from 16 – 20 October 2019 

Strong Programme, Celebrity Guests and Many Highlights  

Four world premieres, one Oscar-winning film, interesting guests from around the globe and as usual a gripping programme of films that present many novel perspectives: The 17th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival can begin!

 The opening night on Wednesday straight away caters not only one of a total of four world premieres, but also intriguing guests, such as Babsi Zangerl, currently one of the world’s best female climbers. Anyone joining Thursday night’s journey of discovery that is the Bayern-2 Night (named after German Public Television), will enjoy a further premiere: Puria Ravahi (recipient of the DAV Prize for the best Alpine Film 2017) shows his new short film to a first audience. Simultaneously at the Barocksaal venue, Festival Director Michael Pause and his guests look back at the life of Edmund Hillary, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year.

On Saturday, Reinhold Messner (recipient of the Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee 2017) visits the festival with his latest film: In “Mythos Cerro Torre” (Myth of Cerro Torre) he explores the first ascension of Patagonia’s great landmark, which has been questioned for many decades. As early as Friday, the life story of Hans Kammerland “Manaslu – Berg der Seelen” (Manaslu – Mountain of Souls), filmed by Gerald Salmina, will be on show. Salmina is also well known in Tegernsee, having received its Great Prize in 2010.

Also on Friday, the customary German Alpine Club Night (DAV-Abend) takes place – as usual in two venues. Central themes are the Club’s 150th anniversary as well as climbing as an Olympic discipline, which will be scrutinised with a critical eye. What promises to become a moving part of the same night is the commemoration of Tyrolean mountaineers David Lama and Hansjörg Auer, who lost their lives in April. They previously earned great sympathy during their Tegernsee visits.

Thematic focus at various screening venues
As always, fans of extreme feats will find the right selection of films at the Medius venue, while aficionados of nature and culture films should have a closer look at the programme scheduled at Quirinal and Ludwig-Thoma-Saal. Special events such as the Opening Night, the Retrospective and Festive Conferring of Prizes take place at Barocksaal. Schalthaus presents unusual and experimental films from around the world, which often offer up entirely new perspectives. On Saturday, for example, from 3.10 pm two films about Polish expeditions to eightthousanders frame the presentation of a new book about Vojtech Kurtyka. A “full house” is expected at Sporthalle, especially on Saturday of course, when at 8 pm the sensational Oscar-winning climbing film “Free Solo” will be screened.

Those who wish to focus on definite award-winners should not miss the matinee on Sunday: all films who received an award during the Festive Conferring of Prizes on Saturday night will be screened again at full length. 

Important meeting in Tegernsee – not just at the “Summit Meeting Point”
It provides great joy to Tegernsee Mayor Johannes Hagn and Festival Director Michael Pause that the International Alliance for Mountain Film will hold one of its two annual meetings during the festival. Certainly, the representatives of the world’s 26 most relevant mountain film festivals will be as charmed by the unique atmosphere at Lake Tegernsee as other festival guests who have been coming to the autumnal lake for many years.

A beautiful meeting point for audience members, film makers, mountaineers, protagonists and fans is the so-called “Gipfeltreff” (Summit Meeting Point), the Mountain Film Festival Forum inside the townhall (“Rathaus”) with its extensive fringe programme, ticket sales, film lounge, delectable wines and small culinary delicacies. Also present are supporters of the Mountain Film Festival: foremost the Gmund-based multichannel mountain gear retailer “Bergzeit”, the festival’s main sponsor, who runs an insightful information booth.

600 Children share the thrill and vote for their favourite film
Tegernsee offers another success story, beyond great mountain cinema. Mayor Johannes Hagn and Festival Director Michael Pause are particularly pleased about it, “because this represents the future”: By now, more than 600 students visit the Mountain Film Festival Children’s Cinema every year. Spirits rise when this young audience shares their movie heroes’ thrills with their whole heart. “If this helps to spark a fascination for mountain film and the mountains in just some of these kids, it will have been worth the trouble,” Michael Pause states. Children are taken seriously here; for two years they have been able – just like adult viewers – to vote for their favourite film. Therefore, apart from the coveted audience award, the Conferring of Prizes on Saturday will once again include the “Small Prize of the City of Tegernsee”.