In 2006, the admission to the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) was a big step for the Bergfilm-Festival Tegernsee. On the one hand, it was the confirmation, now really to belong to the established mountain film festivals, on the other hand, many contacts and new opportunities for an intensive exchange of experience and a constructive cooperation resulted. Therefore, festival director Michael Pause and the Tegernsee Mayor Johannes Hagn, in This year the representatives of the 26 IAMF festivals and the Museo della Montagna (Turin) will be invited to a regular meeting on Lake Tegernsee. Since more and more applications have been received for membership of the IAMF for some years now, the admission conditions are being discussed intensively. The IAMF members want to differentiate themselves from purely commercial events, where a Bergfilm program is only entertaining accessory of a big fair. As is customary with international organizations, a consensus must always be found between large, financially strong festivals and smaller events. There is a consensus that mountain film is the focus of all IQAMF festivals and that there is a serious competition. Many young filmmakers can show their productions on the internet, but a screening at an IAMF festival is much more important.