PT_02_Precious                                                              20/10/2018

Mountain Film Tegernsee, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

Preserving what is Precious

Films which stage the mountain world as a mere backdrop don’t even make it into the Mountain Film Festival’s programme. Here, mountains always play a crucial role. Often, current developments are identified and critically questioned — be it within the programme of screened films or quite prominently during the Fireside Talks at Stieler-Haus.

Mass tourism or mountaineering village — to whom belongs the future? This question was posed by Dr. Georg Bayerle from Bavarian Broadcasting (BR), by the Mayor of Kreuth Josef Bierschneider and by Christof Schett, who grew up in Villagratental Valley in East Tyrol, a model mountaineering village, and who advocates for gentle tourism. After all, here at Lake Tegernsee, more specifically in the village of Kreuth, two opposed worlds collide: The German Alpine Club (DAV) selected 13 of Kreuth’s 17 districts to become part of the elusive community of mountaineering villages. However, the four lakeside districts were explicitly excluded.

Many opinions were presented. The strongest message remains bound up in an image from the documentary which won this year’s Great Prize: eagles and vultures in a landscape almost completely spared by humans; undisturbed nature in harmony with itself. Only at the film’s very end, at the very margin, a tiny human figure appears in the snowy landscape …