PT_02 Huber Boys                                                                        10/2018

Tegernsee Mountain Film, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

 World Premiere and News from the Hubers

Apart from great cinema and intriguing shorts, Wednesday’s festival opening night at 8 pm at Barocksaal also stages a world premiere: “Reiss di zsamm! Geduldsprobe am Cerro Kishtwar” (Pull Yourself Together! Ordeal at Cerro Kishtwar) presents a first ascent in the Indian Himalaya with Thomas Huber (who will be attending the Tegernsee Festival) and Swiss climbers Stephan Siegrist and Julian Zanker. This extraordinary achievement earned the three mountaineers a nomination for this year’s coveted Piolet d’Or – a prestigious distinction for those involved in writing alpine history (repeat on Saturday, 8 pm, at Ludwig-Thoma-Saal).

Visitors can also admire the Huber Boys on the silver screen on Saturday, 8 pm at Medius (“100 Jahre Huberbuam – Bluad is dicker wia Wossa” / 100 Years of Huber Boys – Blood is Thicker than Water), on Friday, 8 pm at Ludwig-Thoma-Saal and on Saturday, 8 pm, at Sporthalle (“Thomas, der Huberbua” / Thomas, the Huber Boy). (All Huber Boy films are screened in German.)