PT_05 Venues and Hosts                                                 10/2018

Tegernsee Mountain Film, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

Thematic Sets and Great Conversations

Over five festival days, six venues will screen 90 films, grouped into different thematic sets. Except for the nonstop screenings, each set will be hosted by a moderator who provides relevant background information.

After this festival, alpine history might need to be re-written. A creative film maker takes off on a quest and discovers among ancient hemp ropes and tired hobnailed boots a previously unknown and rather mysterious alpine pioneer (“Florian’s Last Climb”, Friday, 8 pm, Schalthaus). Anyone looking for new perspectives and on-the-edge approaches will discover many contributions by courageous and experiment-driven authors and directors beside those of “Florian’s Last Climb”. The nonstop programme is a particularly worthwhile avenue. Here, beside repeats of high interest films, unusual productions find their place.

Fans of action and extreme sports will gather at the Medius venue, while the Sporthalle is going to screen potent blockbusters of the mountain film scene. Profound reflection, nature and wildlife documentaries as well as the mountain world’s beauty take centre stage at the Ludwig-Thoma-Saal and Quirinal venues. The festival’s main events naturally take place in the festive Tegernsee Castle ballroom: the Opening Night and Closing Night with awards ceremony as well as the German Alpine Club Night will take place at the Barocksaal.

As always, exceptions confirm the rule. Please make sure to carefully peruse the print or online programme and to discover all relevant information about the various events there.

Fascinating Films, Intriguing Backgrounds
They make the Mountain Film Festival into such a special event: the moderators who present all screened film sets — with the exception of the nonstop programme at Schalthaus. They command over background information regarding films and film makers. They facilitate interesting conversations with special festival guests and provide audiences with exciting details regarding the films’ contents. Often, live interviews with intriguing and famous mountain personalities spur exciting discussions and draw in audience members. What questions will this year’s audiences have? By the way: Should celebrities attend the nonstop screenings at Schalthaus, moderators will be at hand to provide relevant background facts.