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Tegernsee Mountain Film, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

Highlights and Insider Tips

Tuesday, 16 October
A must for true fans: Festival Director Michael Pause presents a selection of the best films from past Mountain Film Festivals at Ludwig-Thoma-Saal!

Wednesday, 17 October
This day’s obvious highlight is the festive Opening Night at Barocksaal, including the world premiere of Thomas Huber’s latest film. Thomas will attend the Tegernsee Festival, alongside many other celebrities.
However, Wednesday’s most controversial films will be screened at Ludwig-Thoma-Saal: Under the heading “Future, Whereto?” three documentaries explore the consequences of mass tourism and/or climate change from vastly different vantage points, at Mt. Zugspitze, in the Berchtesgaden Region and in Mongolia. This set of films presents the ideal conversation starter for the Fireside Talk at Stieler-Haus on Friday.

Guests include the recipient of many awards, film maker Jürgen Eichinger, the editor Brigitte Kornberger (Bavarian Broadcasting) and possibly Gerhard Schmidt.

Thursday, 18 October
The core of this festival day is the Norman Dyhrenfurth retrospective at Barocksaal (5 and 8 pm). Special guests of the evening include Maria Sernetz-Dyhrenfurth, Dr. Michael Bilic and film maker Andreas Nickel.

Any talk given by Heinz Zak presents a highlight in itself (8 pm, Sporthalle). Two impressive personalities grace the Schalthaus venue from 8 pm onwards: A documentary traces the gripping life journey of Sir Christian Bonington, one of the world’s most famous alpinists. Another trail blazer is climbing pioneer Bernd Arnold from Saxon Switzerland, as demonstrated by a short portrait of the septuagenarian.

Friday, 19 October
Friday’s highlight event is the German Alpine Club Night, taking place simultaneously at Barocksaal and Sporthalle. Special guest is the extreme climber Hansjörg Auer.

Those who wish to have a say meet at 4.30 pm for the Fireside Talk at Stieler-Haus, which will deal with the question “Mass Tourism or mountaineering village: to whom belongs the future”?

The “Full Force” set of films at Quirinal is the insider tip of the day: “They just wanted to go mountaineering …” A young Nepalese bunch teams up with Munich Technical University to create a fantastic help-for-self-help project. Tegernsee Video Club’s Heinrich Brunner created a highly watchable documentary from the team’s footage — by the way, without Heinrich’s vast support, this Mountain Film Festival would be unthinkable. Beforehand, an award-winning film from Nepal is on show, which reveals the consequences of the devastating 2015 earthquake.

Saturday, 20 October
The Closing Night represents the festival’s greatest highlight (Please note: official start time is 7 pm.). Here, the festival prizes will be conferred and recipients will be present in person, as far as this can be arranged. Interesting encounters and exciting conversations are guaranteed — during the conferring of prizes as well as during the banquet afterwards. Every year, special guests fly in from around the globe.

As a new feature on Saturday, family cinema starts at 3 pm at Ludwig-Thoma-Saal. Considering the popularity of the children’s cinema on the various mornings, the organising team decided to add a special screening for families to the programme.

Anyone who has not yet seen “The Dawn Wall” should definitely grab the last chance in the course of the festival at 4 pm at Barocksaal — definitely a worthwhile experience!

The day’s insider film set starts at 8 pm at Quirinal and promises a highly diverse programme: It features likeable animated heroes, a mysterious crime thriller regarding alpine history, a beautiful ski tour through the wilderness of the Pyrenees and ends with extreme climbing in Tasmania and a free fall.

Sunday, 21 October
This day presents a single highlight, which has become a set date for mountain film freaks: the matinee at 9.30 am, screening all winning films at full length. The programme of films will be announced on Saturday night at all venues and will also be listed on and on the Festival’s Facebook page.