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Tegernsee Mountain Film, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

Great Cinema, Critical Voices and a World Premiere

Visitors of the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival in October can look forward to great cinema, a world premiere and the usual “delightful mix” of fantastic films. Here, the mountain world does not merely serve as a backdrop, but plays the lead part: as a challenging — and often also endangered — habitat for people and animals, representing the untamed forces of nature and as a brilliant setting for extraordinary achievements.

“A small Huber Boys festival with a world premiere, two great big screen films from the USA, an almost mystical crime film based on Alpine history and a short animation which already earned the pre-jury’s highest acclaim.” This is how Festival Director Michael Pause spontaneously sums up the 2018 Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival programme. “Add to that a delightful mix of great films within our competition’s wide spectrum of thematic categories.”

Intense Impressions between Sky and Mountains
Take for instance the fascinating wildlife films by the Lapied family, which have already won several awards in Tegernsee and which keep fascinating us with novel ideas and perspectives. Or the unimaginable sportive achievements by athletes who wield their power around the globe in and above the mountains: paragliding across Broad Peak, skiing extremely steep mountain flanks or clipped into climbing ropes at rock overhangs.

Great Cinema — Moving Portraits
The fact that people often interest us even more than their athletic achievements is evidenced by empathetic movie portraits, be they about the Huber Boys, extreme climber Hans-Jörg Auer or about Tommy Caldwell, who together with his climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson sent the first free ascent of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in the Yosemite Valley (“The Dawn Wall”). This movie portrait not only traces a climbing project of seven years, but also the intriguing biography of a climber who was taken hostage by rebels in Kyrgyzstan — to mention only one unusual detail from Tommy Caldwell’s life story.

Another big screen movie competes for the Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee: With breath-taking images and a strong message, “Mountain” fully recreates the fascination of the mountains on the silver screen — and reveals their powerful impact on our lives and our dreams. Speaking of dreams, short films produced with a great amount of creativity are often the ones that open up the biggest space for our own imagination: e.g. a short animation which received high acclaim from the pre-jury or the brief “Imagination” of a boy who doesn’t take his eyes off the great freeskiers.

 Framework Remains Consistent
By now, more than 85,000 visitors have enjoyed the latest mountain films in Tegernsee — 86 films are on show this year. Although much has been changed and improved over the years, the overall framework remains consistent: “We developed our five-day festival step by step,” explains Michael Pause, which according to him ensures a certain amount of routine and thus stability. “But we are well aware of the need to look out for new ideas, new topics and trends in this extraordinary genre of mountain film.”

The “Fireside Talks” introduced in 2015 at Stieler-Haus achieved an expansion of the festival’s intellectual dimension and political participation. Beyond that, all individuals involved in the running of the festival are devoted to upholding its unique “spirit”: the picturesque landscape surrounding Lake Tegernsee, the small town flair and intimate atmosphere which makes film makers, audiences and their hosts feel so at home.

Bergzeit Guarantees Quality
Guarantors of quality and constancy are the team around Festival Director Michael Pause, the City of Tegernsee as festival host, the German Alpine Club (DAV) as non-material contributor, Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) and the Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH as well as the festival’s longterm main sponsor: Multi-channel mountain gear retailer Bergzeit has become an ideal partner for the people of Tegernsee. With Bergzeit they share not only a passion for the outdoors, but also for mountain film and the beautiful region around Lake Tegernsee.

Information and Programme: Sonderbüro Bergfilm-Festival Tegernsee, phone: +49-8022/1801-37 or 53,, or via local Tourist Information Centres
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The festival’s print and online programmes contain detailed descriptions of all films and fringe events.