PT_03_Festival Fragments                                                                  10/2018

Tegernsee Mountain Film, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

Critical Voices and Fireside Talk
Johannes Hagn (Mayor of the City of Tegernsee) is a major force in the momentum to bring critical voices on hot topics into focus in Tegernsee: “Tegernsee Mountain Film means excitement, means diversity — and this must also involve food for thought,” the mayor states. Many films achieve this of course — often in subtle ways: Who would not be moved by the little girl in the Altai Mountains who has never heard anything about climate change, yet suddenly finds herself confronted with the tremendous consequences of this catastrophe in the making?

Another crucial aspect are the Fireside Talks at Stieler-Haus involving prominent minds (please also note the interview with Dr. Georg Bayerle). The fourth Fireside Talk focuses on a topic that currently greatly affects Lake Tegernsee: “Mass Tourism or Mountaineering Village” is its provocative title. Dr. Georg Bayerle from Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) will discuss the matter with the Mayor of Kreuth, Josef Bierschneider and East Tyrolean Christof Schett, who grew up in the exemplary mountaineering village of Villgratental and advocates for “gentle tourism”. As always, guests of the Stieler-Haus Talk are invited to make lively contributions. After all, here at Lake Tegernsee, more specifically in the village of Kreuth, two opposed worlds collide: The German Alpine Club selected 13 of Kreuth’s 17 districts to become part of the elusive community of mountaineering villages. However, many lakeside districts were explicitly excluded. After all, mountaineering villages are supposed to demonstrate that they can manage without macro-tourism structures such as large hotels and lifts. To whom belong the Alps of the future?

Date: Friday, 19 October, 4.30 pm at Stieler-Haus

Heinz Zak, Adam Ondra and the Art of Climbing
Heinz Zak’s life has been defined by climbing and photography. He masters both arts. This much has become evident to Tegernsee audiences on several previous occasions. On Thursday, at 8 pm in the Sporthalle venue, the Tyrolean extreme climber and mountain photographer will once again be a special guest to the Mountain Film Festival.

During this talk, he will focus particularly on Adam Ondra. The Czech star athlete currently counts among the world’s best climbers — which he demonstrated convincingly during the IFSC Climbing World Championship in Innsbruck. However, his achievements on “real” rock impress even more. Among other trips, Heinz Zak accompanied Adam to the Yosemite Valley’s Dawn Wall: In November 2016, in only eight days and with breath-taking style, Adam sent the first repeat of the world’s toughest multi-pitch route. A further product of this ingenious cooperation between the two masters is the new film “The Art of Climbing”, which Heinz Zak of course brings with him to Tegernsee.

Date: Thursday, 18 October, 8 pm, Sporthalle

Great Homage to Norman Dyhrenfurth on Thursday
Between Mount Everest, the White House in Washington and Salzburg: The mountaineer and mountain film pioneer Norman Dyhrenfurth collected impressive images and experiences everywhere. He followed in the footsteps of his famous father, however not as a scientist, but rather as a mountaineer, expedition leader and film maker. When he died last year in September at the age of 99 in Salzburg, a richly fulfilled life came to its end. That much becomes clear from a look at his legacy during Thursday’s retrospective:

During the first part, starting at 5 pm at Barocksaal, two of his documentaries will be screened. With “Americans on Everest” Dyhrenfurth documented a new chapter in high altitude mountaineering. During his 1963 expedition, he succeeded at bringing the first Americans to the summit, at completing the first traverse and at opening a new route to the highest place on earth. Even US President John F. Kennedy honoured Dyhrenfurth’s achievement in the White House – allowing him to step completely out of the shadow of his famous father. Another cherished documentary is “Samsara – A Tibetan Heritage”. After working in the Hollywood feature film scene, Dyhrenfurth returned to the land of the Sherpas, shooting this award-winning documentary about Tibetan funeral rites.

From 8 pm Festival Director Michael Pause recollects Dyhrenfurth’s eventful life, together with interesting guests: Among them will be Dyhrenfurth’s widow, Maria Sernetz-Dyhrenfurth, and Dr. Michael Bilic, Director of the Salzburg Mountain Film Festival, an intimate friend of many years to the family. Also present will be film maker Andreas Nickel, who shot an extensive documentary about the Dyhrenfurth family. “Zum dritten Pol” (To the Thirld Pole) is the title of another Dyhrenfurth film screened as part of the retrospective, along excerpts from other films.

Date: Thursday, 18 October, at 5 and 8 pm, Barocksaal


Summit Meeting and Diverse Fringe Programme
THE meeting point during the festival is the Rathaus Forum: at the “Gipfeltreff” summit meeting point all relevant and interesting information regarding the festival will be available, including tickets and the odd autograph visitors may acquire from film makers, alpinists or celebrity guests. Here, conversation flows easily over a nice glass of wine, delicious cheese or a cup of coffee. Between screenings, a visit to the Film Lounge will be rewarded with impressive images from the mountain world.

Spending entire days “just” staring at the silver screen? The charming mountains around Lake Tegernsee are too beautiful for that. A diverse fringe programme allows visitors to discover these magical environs at their best, for instance during an alpine hot air balloon ride, a guided hike — with a motto such as “Environmental Protection and Forestry” — or during an e-bike tour.