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Bergfilm Tegernsee, 16th International Festival from 17 – 21 October 2018

The Courage to Make Images Impact

Amazement and enjoyment, compassion and thoughtfulness — mountain films cater the entire range, from thriller to quiet art enjoyment. The list of winning films from the past 15 Tegernsee Mountain Film Festivals demonstrates this amply, and mountain film makers of the 2018 Festival shall render further evidence.

“Over the last few decades, Mountain Film has made a significant contribution to the reflection on mountaineering and mountain sports. It encourages us to discuss what it is about the mountains that moves us so much,” explains Friederike Kaiser, Division Manager for Cultural Matters for the German Alpine Club (DAV, Deutscher Alpenverein), one of the Festival’s supporters. Since the Festival’s inception in 2003, the world’s biggest mountaineering club has been participating in the continued development of its overall concept. Moreover, the DAV sponsors the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival’s DAV Prize, aiming to publicly document the significance mountain film holds for mountaineers. “We were delighted to see last year’s Prize for the Best Alpine Film go to ‘Last Exit’ — a film that investigates the risks, dangers and their consequences for participants in extreme mountain sports and their family members,” states Burgi Beste, the German Alpine Club’s Vice President. Anyone who watched Puria Ravahi’s short, haunting documentary about the dark side of extreme kicks took home ample food for thought and discussion: a BASE jumper realises — probably at the last minute — that his passion will completely numb all his emotions and probably drive him into his own death.
“It’s precisely this kind of film that proves to us time and again just how brave and creative film makers are. Not only in terms of their athleticism on the mountain, but especially in terms of their narrative approaches,” emphasises Festival Director Michael Pause. “It’s mind-boggling how many new images, perspectives, attitudes are revealed here every year.” These new perspectives and impressions do not always meet with enthusiasm. Sometimes, they also inspire viewers to pause and reflect. “These are the productions we look forward to most. They hold potential to appear on the next festival’s list of winning films, to shake up the scene and possibly become a mountain film classic.”

Submit new productions now!

Until end of May film makers can submit their latest productions from the high-contrast world of the mountains. Only films that were produced after 2015 are accepted into the competition, whose three main categories aim at different thematic aspects of mountain film. The category Mountain Experience puts alpinism and sportive encounters with the mountains centre stage. The best film in this category will be awarded the Prize by the German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein). Landscape portraits and inquiries into environmental issues are the focus of the category Mountain Nature, whose prize is awarded by the Festival’s main sponsor “bergzeit”. The third category, Mountain Life, looks for films that take stock of ethnological and cultural aspects in the encounter between people and mountains. The best film across all categories will be awarded the Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee (worth 3,000 euros). The most outstanding junior film maker (under the age of 32) will receive the Otto Guggenbichler Prize, named after the Mountain Film Festival’s founder. Finally, viewers vote for the “Audience Prize” (worth 1,000 euros).


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