Press Kit  21/10/2017                                                     PM03_Jury

Tegernsee Mountain Film, 15th International Festival, 18 – 22 October 2017

 Goosebumps Despite Tired Eyes 

In order to select the winning films, the jury comprising Helmut Scheben (Switzerland), Julia Brunner (Austria), Mojca Volkar Trobevšek (Slovenia), Benedikt Kuby (Germany) and Martin Kaufmann (Italy) had to withdraw into the dark for three whole days so as to get through all submissions. 

The jury is a colourful mix of personalities with prestigious backgrounds: “young ladies and older gentlemen”, extreme mountaineers and outstanding directors, each of them connected to the mountains and the medium of film in their own, individual way. All of them were thrilled to be able to scrutinise the films together within this team. “I have never experienced this during any other festival, it’s great,” states Martin Kaufmann, who organises his own film festival in Bolzano.

Instead of just voting “good” or “bad”, each individual must produce arguments to convince the others of their impressions. As diverse as their opinions might be, the jury members are quick to agree. “Everybody has their own approach, that made our work so exciting and insightful.” It was striking how often the jury was not convinced by a film’s sound design. “They are killing that film with their soundtrack, they do not trust the power of their imagers,” Helmut Scheben regrets. The jury’s advice: learn from the greats, such as Alfred Hitchcock and Arnold Fanck.

They are all determined to remain focused and fair, even after many hours in the darkened room. What truly keeps them awake are the magical moments, as Julia Brunner describes: “When your eyes already tire, but your are suddenly wide awake and get goosebumps because the images electrify and touch you on a deep level. That’s powerful, I didn’t expect that.”