Press Kit  21/10/2017                                                     PM02_Splitter

Tegernsee Mountain Film, 15th International Festival, 18 – 22 October 2017

 Critical Positions, Controversial Conversations and Legendary Scenes

Providing a platform for critical voices
Goosebumps — those are guaranteed while watching this year’s award-winning films. Whether these films last for over an hour or merely seven minutes, whether they were produced with a big budget or by the simplest means. Whether the setting is in the Himalayas, in Africa or right at home. Anything is possible in mountain film, what truly surprises in this genre is the mundane.

“It is rather exceptional that a producer takes on such a critical position in their film as Puria Ravahi does with “Last Exit” towards a theme that the media represents in a largely heroic light,” explains Festival Director Michael Pause. The greater is his joy over the fact that this film received the Prize by the German Alpine Club: not the story of a hero, but a short, very powerful documentary about a BASE jumper who — probably at the last minute — discovers that his passion is pushing him towards a complete numbing of emotions and ultimately towards his own death. Maximilian Werndl managed to take the “last exit”, unlike many of his friends. “As a Mountain Film Festival it is among our responsibilities to create a platform for such critical films and voices and to stimulate discussions,” Tegernsee Mayor Johannes Hagn confirms.

Constructive controversies during the Fireside Chat
My desire for the future is to further expand the intellectual approach, which we have introduced over the last three years with the Fireside Chats,” states the Mayor. This year’s Fireside Chat hosted at the Stieler-Haus by Dr. Georg Bayerle (Bayerischer Rundfunk / Bavarian Broadcasting) involved a controversial and highly emotional discussion of the “Alpenplan”, a regional development planning concept designed to protect the Bavarian Alps. Among the guests, Dr. Guido Plassmann (Director of ALPARC, a network of protected Alpine reserves) and Stefan Witty (CIPRA) figured as two highly competent discussion partners. “Here, people from the most diverse areas came together, from politics, science, nature conversation, and that was fantastic. It is of the utmost importance to continue this dialogue. And that is something we wish to keep fostering,” explains Hagn.

Legendary scenes for a 70th birthday
Rarely has a retrospective provoked this much laughter: luckily, Fuzzy Garhammer “never took skiing all that serious”, as he himself confessed at the Barocksaal venue on Thursday night. Michael Pause showed many scenes from films which have long become legendary and which are always fun to watch again. Special trademark: ingenious skiing action infused with a strong shot of humour. Evidently, this mixture also appeals to the younger generation, as was demonstrated by the new documentary “Generations of Freeskiing” – produced by Fuzzy Garhammer’s sons Max and Moritz. Present for the Barocksaal celebration were over 200 viewers as well as lifelong companions such as ski racing legends Markus Wasmeier and Willy Bogner. A fabulous evening on the occasion of the ski stunt legend’s 70th birthday!

Onwards — with the help of Bergzeit and many other supporters
The Mountain Film Festival is headed in the right direction, this much is clear from its 15th edition. However, all contributors are aware of the fact that substantial investments will continue to be necessary. “We will continue to professionalise the festival. This will not only require funding but means an incredible amount of work, all year long,” Mayor Johannes Hagn points out. Accordingly great levels of joy accompany the recruitment of mountain sports and outdoor apparel specialist “Bergzeit” as a longterm partner. “For us, “Bergzeit” is an ideal sponsoring partner, not only because they market optimally matched products, but because their roots are here, in this region. An optimal team that will enable a lot.”
“Bergzeit” has taken on a certain leadership positions as the festival’s new main sponsor. However, other supporters are every bit as essential, including the German Alpine Club and Bavarian Broadcasting, the Friends of Mountain Film association and last but certainly not least, more than a hundred volunteers without whom the Mountain Film Festival would not exist.