Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival

Press Release Call for Submissions  -    01/2016

14th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, 19 – 23 October

“Junge Wilde” and the World’s Best Mountain Films

From lavish big screen productions to low-cost works of love, from creations by the young avant-garde to those by the hands of experienced mountain film makers: until the end of May, directors and producers from around the world can send in their latest productions to run for competition at Lake Tegernsee’s great film festival in October.

He “merely” shot the portrait of a photographer. However, young French film maker Mathieu Le Lay turned this effort into a masterpiece – a veritable feast of the senses. This achievement brought him to Tegernsee last October, where he received two awards: the Prize for the Best Film in the category Mountain Nature and the Otto Guggenbichler Prize for the Best Film by a Junior Film Maker. “We would be delighted to see this turning into a trend and to welcome a greater number of young film makers in Tegernsee – or at least to see them submit their films,” Festival Director Michael Pause from Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk) expresses his hopes. Currently, invitations to participate at the upcoming mountain film festival and the call for submissions are being sent out. The goal is to sustain the festival’s superb quality and once again to attract the world’s best mountain films to Lake Tegernsee. “That is what we owe our audiences,” emphasises Pause, well aware of the many regulars among the 5,500 viewers who attend the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival every autumn.

What they can expect to see in October will crystallise in the next couple of months, as films arrive at the festival office and are viewed and judged in June by a pre-selection committee. The best productions in which mountains play a central role are then admitted to the festival programme – this focus is absolutely essential.

Whether a film succeeds with its audience and the international festival jury depends on many factors – extravagance, a generous budget and spectacular stunts are not the decisive ones. “A good eye for authentic images and an instinct for the kinds of narratives that move an audience are much more significant,” explains Pause. Will this year’s Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee go to an experienced film maker – or will a newcomer from the highly promising young mountain film scene get lucky? Not even the Festival Director can divine this outcome, yet one thing is for definite: “It will be a film that wows us, one that makes us feel we are right there on scene – even when we’ve long left the screening venue.”

Submit New Productions Now!
Until end of May, film makers can submit their latest productions from the high-contrast world of the mountains. Only films that were produced after 2013 are accepted into the competition, whose three main categories aim at different thematic aspects of mountain film. The category Mountain Experience puts alpinism and sportive encounters with the mountains centre stage. The best film in this category will be awarded the Prize by the German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein). Landscape portraits and inquiries into environmental issues are the focus of the category Mountain Nature. The third category, Mountain Life, looks for films that take stock of ethnological and cultural aspects in the encounter between people and mountains. The best film across all categories will be awarded the Great Prize of the City of Tegernsee (worth 3,000 euros). Moreover, the Otto Guggenbichler Prize will go to the best junior film maker (who must not have been older than 32 years upon completion of the film), an award named after the mountain film festival’s founder. Finally, viewers vote for the “Audience Prize” (the prize money of 1,000 euros was sponsored by E-Werk Tegernsee).

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