Press Releases             -                    24/10/2015

13th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, 21 - 25 October 2015

Sold-Out Venues, Gorgeous Backdrops and Enthused Audiences

“It must be the most beautiful festival in the world,” film maker Bhojraj Bhat from Nepal voiced his delight while looking across Lake Tegernsee. “The landscape, the atmosphere and the intimacy, all of this is unique and a special experience for me.” During Saturday’s festival finale, Lake Tegernsee treated viewers to sunshine, glittering waves and the golden glow of autumn leaves. A short excursion to autumnal peaks was possible before embarking into the bigger world of the mountains displayed within the screening venues.
That is, as long as tickets were available: “Six events sold out before the festival start,” Mayor Johannes Hagn reports.

A Worthwhile Experience – Not Just in the Screening Venues
It pleases Mayor Hagn that the Mountain Film Festival offers special experiences even when no films are on show. The fringe programme and the breath-taking surrounding Alps are two added perks. “The Mountain Film Festival is a place that brings people together. Many of our guests and volunteers keep telling me this,” reports Hagn. “While the Festival Forum itself is spatially limited, the entire City of Tegernsee turns into a scenic meeting place – and this is what makes our festival so special and attractive.” Another contributing factor are established programme features: be it small ones like the children’s programme, which goes down with a lot of oomph, or bigger highlights like the German Alpine Club Night, during which the festival-supporting DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein) fills two whole venues.

International Jury – International Flair
Another deciding element is the composition of the jury, Hagn points out: “The diverse nationalities of the jury members bring an element of internationalism to Tegernsee; not to mention all the film makers who visit the festival.” Uncontested social highlight is the Saturday Conferring of Prizes when the organising team surrounding Festival Director Michael Pause and Mayor Johannes Hagn does everything in their power to get the award-winning film makers to attend in person – no matter where they need to travel from. And that is how eight different nations happened to meet on the stage of the Barocksaal venue this year.