Press Release Nepal              -                   24/10/2015

13th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, 21 - 25 October 2015

An Impressive Evening for Nepal

On Thursday night, moving images and reports from areas affected by the Nepal earthquake alerted Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival participants that the Nepalese still need our help.

“The earthquakes in Nepal have long disappeared from the news headlines and thus from public consciousness. We wish to remind people of what happened, because the Nepalese still need our help,” Festival Director Michael Pause emphasised during the Nepal Night on Thursday in the sold-out Barocksaal venue.
Guests from Nepal included director and journalist Bhojraj Bhat as well as Ang Rita Sherpa from the board of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation.
Shortly after the earthquake, film maker Dr. Peter-Hugo Scholz recorded alarming images for a documentary. He accompanied a team of doctors working for Nepalmed to the most severely affected areas. His descriptions proved to the audience that in this case, every donated euro fulfilled its purpose.
“I was impressed by the way in which everybody helped each other out, regardless of regional boundaries and castes,” reported aid worker Dr. Hermann Warth during the Nepal Night. Journalist Billi Bierling explained that the current situation in Nepal is more devastating than immediately after the earthquake – she spends most of the year in Kathmandu and is a festival jury member in Tegernsee. “Especially fuel but also many other goods are impossible to get right now.” She advised all those who wish to help to get in touch with established, well organised aid groups – and to remain respectful on site: respectful towards affected individuals and national structures. One organisation is particularly well equipped to deliver help effectively where it is needed, the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. Ingrid Versen, president of the Foundation’s German division, was able to collect more than 500,000 euros in donations over the past months – partly due to a charity event hosted by the Tegernsee Friends of Mountain Film (Bergfilmfreunde Tegernsee), who support the Mountain Film Festival. “Two things please me very much,” stated Mayor of Tegernsee Johannes Hagn: “being able to welcome our two guests from Nepal and seeing the evening turn into such a success. It is great to be able to make a contribution to change,” the Mayor said. “I am delighted we were given this opportunity and that the festival audience responded so positively.”
Extreme mountaineers Alix von Melle and her partner Luis Stitzinger rendered an impressive account of what mountaineers in the Everest Basecamp experienced. A film team from Bavarian Public Broadcasting accompanied them on the Chinese side of Mt Everest when the earth shook. There was little damage in this region, yet they immediately returned home once the full extent of the catastrophe on the other side of the mountain transpired.