Press Release - Call for Submissions                                                01/2015-02-24


13th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival, 21 – 25 October 2015

Anticipating Terrific Contrasts

Last year’s Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival was characterised by fascinating contrasts on every level. A look back sharpens the thrill of anticipation for the upcoming Mountain Film Festival in October. From now on, film makers from around the world can submit their latest productions.

Anyone in love with the mountains must necessarily also be in love with contrasts: exposed summits and deep valleys, hours of relaxation and extreme effort, unbelievable beauty and unleashed elements, triumphal success and tough strokes of fate. Truly phenomenal films reflect such contrasts, as can be gleaned from the 2014 list of winners: the one-man low budget production ‘Der Bauer bleibst Du’ (The Farmer, That’s Still You) presents next to no ‘action’ and yet secured the Great Prize of the City Tegernsee. This highly authentic film dispenses with all sensationalism and captures the world of a Tyrolean mountain farmer with exceptional sensitivity. It is hard to imagine any greater contrast than between this production and ‘Cerro Torre – Nicht den Hauch einer Chance’ (A Snowball’s Chance), winner of the German Alpine Club’s Prize for the best Alpine film – be it in terms of budget, crew or overall approach. Yet both films are perfect in their own way and deeply move their audiences.

This broad spectrum and the degree of perfection with which today’s sophisticated technology is capable of transmitting ideas keep challenging film makers and fascinate their viewers more every year. Time and again, new facets become the centre of attention and a new light is shed on what seems to be well-known.

The entire bandwidth of mountain film with all its highs and lows, with quiet moments and fierce action will be on show once again this October in Tegernsee. It remains to be seen whether the extremely high standards of previous years can be upheld. Up until end of May film makers can submit their latest productions from the high-contrast world of the mountains. A jury will pre-select the best films, which will then be arranged into a top-class programme by Festival Director Michael Pause (Bavarian Broadcasting) and his team: ‘What we showed last October was spectacular. We can’t wait to see what surprises the mountain filmers have in store for us this year. But we can rely on them, they have never disappointed us,’ Pause states.

Closing date for the submission of films is 31 May 2015. The 13th Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival’s programme will be available from mid-August.

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