11th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival  23  -  27 October 2013

Jury Statement
Daniela Cecchin | Karmen Tomšič | Leo Baumgartner | Matthias Fanck | Helmut Scheben

Great Prize
Le thé ou l’électricité (Tea or Electricity)

The film was chosen because it transcends established European notions of mountain film. It shows that mountains are not only symbols of freedom, summit bliss and athletic achievement, but that they can also cause marginalisation, loneliness and social conflicts. With gripping footage and camera work so discrete that it seems non-existent, the film accompanies a remote Moroccan village community on its problematic path into the modern world of information and media. It is the story of a disillusion, slowly, impressively and excitingly narrated in classic documentary film style.

Mountain Experience

In a way, Autana is a counter project to the classic climbing film. Even in serious situations its protagonists do not lose their flippant cool. Their brilliant repartee at times approximates parody. This approach is combined with a delight in formal experiments, a strong soundtrack, imaginative editing and digital animation in surfer film style. Challenging expedition-type climbing is captured with good camera work achieved by a very small team under difficult conditions.


Mountain Nature
Steinböcke in den Allgäuer Bergen (Steinbocks in the Allgäu Mountains)

This classical wildlife film displays flawless camera work, editing and scripting. The calm narration manages to convey the rhythm of nature and of the seasons. The voice-over commentary is simple and clear, yet profound and of high linguistic quality. The interconnection of two narrative strands – the steinbocks and the people in the mountain hut – finds an elegant dramaturgical resolution.

Mountain Life
Kurt und der Sessellift (Kurt and the Chair Lift)

A “no action” film and therefore one that goes against the grain. It paints the successful portrait of a peculiar and likeable loner of the type you will probably only find in Switzerland. The film decidedly resists all cinematic clichés and aesthetic trends. Its makers did not shrink from wide shots with fixed camera. There is only ever one setting, the ski lift’s upper terminus, which represents the central domain of Kurt’s life. Yet we are told the story of an entire lifetime – in few, brittle words. The balancing act between tragedy and comedy produces the film’s great charm.


Best Film by a Junior Filmmaker: Otto Guggenbichler Prize
Petzl Roc Trip China

The film was chosen because it celebrates climbing as a fun and playful experience. Added to this is the impressive backdrop of a Chinese river landscape where difficult routes along gigantic rock caves wait to be mastered. The film delights with enjoyable formal experiments reminiscent of music videos as well as with cheeky, cheerful protagonists and great sound design.

Film of Extraordinary Value
Je veux (I want)

This film proves that mountaineering is not limited to Alpinists. It can also be the spontaneous whim of artists or other creative individuals gathered in a street café in Montmartre. French chanson singer ZAZ’s idea to summit and sing on top of Mont Blanc with her band takes viewers completely by surprise. The protagonist’s infectious charm lends special drive and rhythm to the film’s action.

Special Jury Mention
La Dura Dura

Supreme climbers of two different generations meet up for a joint project. The exchange of experiences and amicable teamwork replace a more conventional competitive approach and produce better performances. A new style within extreme sports.