PR02_Résumé        20/10/2012

10th Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival from 13 to 21 October 2012

Success is a challenge for the future

Definite positive reactions, some surprises and a lot of work for the future are the results of the 10th Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival for its team surrounding festival director Michael Pause.

‘Obviously we did not expect this jury decision’, states the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival’s director, Michael Pause, well surprised after the announcement of the winning films. ‘But this is a courageous step, which we do welcome’ He is joyed not merely by the issues dealt with in the winning films, but by two further messages transmitted by this decision: ‘On one hand, this must count as further proof of the Tegernsee jury’s independent judgment. And this is important to me,’ says Pause. ‘On the other hand, it shows our audience that extraordinary productions are on show in Tegernsee that one would not get to see elsewhere.’ People already know that beautiful mountain and nature films of a more classic cut find their space here. ‘And this mix we will retain in future. The festival is not only supposed to get one thinking, it is also very simply supposed to be fun.’

It seems to provide great fun to its director to present his résumé of the 10th mountain film festival. ‘We are delighted by the great positive response. We didn’t dare to hope for it at this scale. It goes to show that we have learned a lot from past years, that we have improved a lot and that our instincts regarding the programme were spot on.’ Sigi Menzel, artistic/technical director of the festival, noted one positive aspect in particular: ‘A great number of film makers and protagonists are taking advantage of the opportunity to be here and to talk to the audience. After all, it’s rare enough that one gets this chance – something that thrills both sides.’ 

For the festival team this great success also means a future challenge: ‘We will keep focusing on the theme of mountains in all its facets and further improve technology. Our mission is to continue the mountain festival in the highly successful fashion in which we have launched it so far.’