Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival 2011 - Press Release General 29/04/11

Press Release General                                                                                                29/04/11

Tegernsee International Mountain Film Festival

Tegernsee – Capital of Mountain Film for Five Days

Incredible achievement, gripping images and a mesmerised audience: the Mountain Film Festival 2010 would have thrilled its initiator, the late Dr. Otto Guggenbichler. Submission of for the autumn 2011 festival is still possible.

‘Exactly what we had in mind when we created the Mountain Film Festival eight years ago!’ Peter Janssen, Mayor of Tegernsee, is happy to say. Last year’s festival ran smoothly, received a phenomenal response and was appreciated by all for its relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Praise is due to 150 greatly enthused voluntary helpers in Tegernsee who manned box offices, projected the films and helped in many different ways and places. Always warm-hearted and happy to help, they never let on the overwhelming amount of hard work and experience necessary to transform a small city like Tegernsee – that boasts not even a single cinema – into a metropolis of mountain film for five days.

The festival’s centrepiece are the mountain films: quality and selection have to be just right to engage a large audience. ‘I suppose we have developed an intuitive feel for our festival visitors’ preferences,’ explains Sigi Menzel from Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian  Broadcasting), who chairs the selection committee. He is already looking forward to the pre-selection for the 2011 festival, starting in June. Since day one of the festival, we have made sure that its theme and standard are closely adhered to,’ stresses artistic director Michael Pause (Bavarian Broadcasting).

Any glance into one of the packed screening venues in 2010 would have been proof of the festival’s success. Word has gotten around that Tegernsee puts a fascinating selection of mountain films on show that can rarely be viewed elsewhere. By now, the festival also makes a valuable contribution to tourism in the valley. ‘Many guests come from afar and pick and choose the films they wish to see very carefully,’ explains Mayor Janssen. Those hosting the screenings confirm that the opportunity to talk to the film makers and to learn about background details regarding the film shoots is much appreciated and availed of quite intensively.

Axel Naglich for instance, one of the extreme skiers from Mount St. Elias, winning film of the 2010 festival, took over half an hour to answer questions raised by a completely enthralled audience after the film’s screening. The 2011 festival will take place from 19 to 23 October in Tegernsee and submissions for entry are welcome until 31 May 2011. From then one, it will be all about picking the past films and presenting them within an exciting festival programme.